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Press / Media

2021.1.8 The Chemical Daily published an article titled "iXstream has Integrated Analysis of Exosomes. Particle size, surface, and genetic material" in the Chemical Daily. iXstream Inc. is a start-up company established to commercialize the R&D results of the Ichiki Laboratory.

2019.11.8 An article titled "Exosome Analysis, One by One" appeared in the Nikkei Business Daily, introducing the research results published in the American scientific journal "PLOS ONE".

2017.1.30 Professor Ichi's interview article has been released at WEB magazine "Telescope Magazine" No. 13 that looks at the possibilities of the state-of-the-art technology released by Tokyo Electron and the future, special issue: "Aim for Overcoming Difficult Diseases". We are introducing the development research to miniaturize diagnostic equipment and the concept of new medical technology "body hospital".link