Nano-micro fabrication
Materials engineering
Materials Science
Innovation for Smart Health


Ichiki/Takehara Laboratory

Department of Materials Engineering, School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo

Visions and Missions
With the aim of contributing to overcoming global problems such as medicine and energy issues brought about by the declining birthrate and aging population and globalization, we are working on "nanobiotechnology" that is a new engineering science of the 21st century to be realized by full-fledged integration of nanotechnology and biotechnology. We have advanced vision of rapid cancer diagnosis device by body fluid test, advanced biomolecule creation system etc. We promote R & D aimed at realizing these dream devices and systems that are nowhere to be found. We will strive to discover and nurture students and researchers with excellent creativity and productivity.


Are you interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary research of nanofabrication technology and biotechnology? Email Prof. Ichiki at [ichiki at] and check out the Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering homepage, and Department of Bioengineering homepage for application instructions.