2024.1.4 Prof. Ichiki appeared on Kawasaki FM's radio program "New Year's Greeting Card with Voice" to share his thoughts on the CHANGE Project. The personality (photo left) was Mr. Tetsuya Sato.

2023.11.28 An article titled "Care Innovation to Create New Businesses (part 2) Super-aging Society Supported by Technology" appeared on page 5 of the Chemical Daily.

2023.11.27 An article titled "Researchers of the University of Tokyo distinguish nanoparticle shapes in liquids using deep learning" was published in the Chemical Daily on page 5.

2023.10.31 An article titled "Making Innovations in Nursing from Kawasaki: Takanori Ichiki, a Shining Person" was published in the Nikkei Financial.

2023.10.25 Press release titled "Non-Deep-Layer Learning Solves Longstanding Problem in Nanoparticle Evaluation - Identifying Nanoparticle Shapes from Brownian Motion Trajectories-"was issued and featured in Nikkei Electronic EditionTECH+(Mynavi News)EurekAlertresearch-er.jp(日本の研究.com), NanowerkPHYS.ORGMIRAGE NEWSAZO NANO.comMetro AmericasDaily KiranSTARDRIVEMaaz Tipsinnovations report

2023.08.01 An article titled "Kawasaki City Nursing Association collaborates with engineering to develop equipment and technology" was published in the Kanagawa edition of Nikkei Finance.

2023.06.19 Prof. Ichiki was featured in a dialogue article "Satoshi Umemura's Meet the Man" in LOHAS Medical (Vol. 165, Summer 2023).

2023.06.09 An article titled "Talking about the Future of In-Home Nursing" appeared in the Kanagawa Prefecture edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun's morning edition regarding a lecture on in-home nursing held at Kawasaki City High School for Science and Technology in March.

2023.05.22 Nikkei Biotech ONLINE published an article titled ""CHANGE," an R&D project following "COINS" in Kawasaki City, has been launched.

2023.04.01 An article titled "Organizational Management Requires Communication Across Fields" appeared in the April 2023 issue of Sangyo-Joho Kawasaki.

2023.3.31 An article titled "Project CHANGE, Prospects for Sensing Technology and Other Technologies" was featured in the Chemical Daily.

2023.1.6 Medical Note's article "Medical x Engineering x Nursing to lead people to a long and healthy life - Aiming to create care technology that anyone can easily use (Yahoo! News)" has been published.
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2023.1.4 Professor Ichiki appeared on Kawasaki FM's radio program "New Year's greeting card with voice" to share his thoughts on the CHANGE Project at the beginning of the year.

2022.8.14 An article titled "Nano-Medical Innovation / From iCONM part 3. Recommendations for "Nursing-care Engineering" that goes beyond "nursing care" to care for people before and after illness" was published in "Ronza" of Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

2021.9.22 NewsWeek Japan (9/28) published a feature article on "Advanced Medical Technology for Early Detection and Diagnosis of Diseases".

2021.9.10 The Chemical Daily published an article titled "Professor Ichiki's New Technology for Detecting MicroRNAs for Early Diagnosis of Cancer.

2021.8.26 Professor Ichiki appeared on Kawasaki FM's "Kawasaki Hot☆Studio". He introduced the development of future diagnostic technologies being developed at the Innovation Center of Nanomedicine.

2021.1.8 The Chemical Daily published an article titled "iXstream has Integrated Analysis of Exosomes. Particle size, surface, and genetic material" in the Chemical Daily. iXstream Inc. is a start-up company established to commercialize the R&D results of the Ichiki Laboratory.

2019.11.8 An article titled "Exosome Analysis, One by One" appeared in the Nikkei Business Daily, introducing the research results published in the American scientific journal "PLOS ONE".

2017.1.30 Professor Ichi's interview article has been released at WEB magazine "Telescope Magazine" No. 13 that looks at the possibilities of the state-of-the-art technology released by Tokyo Electron and the future, special issue: "Aim for Overcoming Difficult Diseases". We are introducing the development research to miniaturize diagnostic equipment and the concept of new medical technology "body hospital".link